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James E. Meason

The Experienced Choice

At the Law Office of James E. Meason, we are a new kind of law firm, which recognizes the changing world.

We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each case the attention it deserves.

An integral part of our service is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs.

We approach your problem as though it is our problem. We take the team attitude to build a strong line of communication and achieve the best possible resolution available.

"Jim was straight to the point and took care of businesses . Jim and Tess were very friendly. Service to Cost was on Target. Highly recommend. -- George E."
"I highly recommend the Law Office of James E. Meason. The work is definitely worth the cost. Jim's done estate planning and real estate deals for me. Jim is very knowledgeable about my case and the law; and is friendly and effective. Tess is also friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to reach. -- Paul M."


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