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Mother and Daughter

Family Law

Family law incorporates everything from Prenuptial agreements, adoption, to divorce and paternity testing. Anything your family or you need, Jim has years of experience to help you. 

Three Generations

Estate Planning

Do you know how to protect your assets from the state, Medicare, or even disowned family members? How do you protect your minor children should you and your spouse die? Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, among other documents to accomplish your wishes even if you can't speak for yourself. Schedule a consultation today. Minimum needs package starts at $1,175.We design your estate to you.

Beige House

Real Estate

Whether you are the seller or the buyer, you should have a lawyer on your side for one of the biggest investments of your adult life. Learn from experts on hazards to avoid, requirements, Phase I and Phase II environmental studies, and more. What about dual agents? What about "as-is"? What is the probate trigger? How should I title the Deed? And so much more. We have flat fee and hourly assistance available. Call to learn more.

Foggy Campsite


Trouble with the EPA? Looking to purchase a business that might have contaminated soil? With three decades of experience in handling EPA issues from Washington D.C. to Chicago and now covering Northern Illinois, I have the experience you need. See me before you buy or as soon as the EPA sniffs at your door to get the legal assistance you need. The saying don't mess with the IRS works for the EPA too!

Fountain Pen

Business Law

Is an LLC, S-Corp or Corporation better for me? Do I have to file an annual report? Who can be a registered agent do? Regardless of an existing business or looking to form a new business, getting yourself established the right way can help avoid legal trouble later. From custom proprietary documents to general legal protections,
you need to be informed and I will help you. 

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